The world is changing rapidly. while society remains built on an almost completely outdated model.

 We live in a global world just a click away: economics, finance, conflicts and pandemics have neither physical nor political boundaries. Conversely, rules, democracy, justice, rights and duties remain confined into dozens of individual countries.

 If economics and finance must be instruments at the service of men so that they can increasingly emancipate themselves, if peace and health must be a global objective, if social justice and widespread freedom must be the indispensable prerequisite for a better world, then the lead of the world cannot be left at the mercy of the strongest.

If yesterday religions and then great ideologies effectively guaranteed international rules and ideals in a world of individual countries, today these are no longer sufficient.

The global world requires democratic and fair global rules, which only representative, democratic and global institutions can guarantee.

The greatest challenge for the coming decades will be to create the conditions for global peace, social justice and freedom. If true freedom can only be achieved by guaranteeing the right socio-economic emancipation for each individual, there will be a need to better redistribute wealth so that everyone can live with dignity, while rewarding commitment, skills and merit. If work is the means to redistribute wealth and to give dignity to every man, in a future which will see a reduction in the need for workforce as a consequence of technological development, information technology, robotics and the overcoming of distances, it will be unavoidable to let everyone work a little less to be able to let everyone work. Obviously, this will have to happen without reducing salaries but, on the contrary, adapting them to the real cost of a dignified life. Working less, to allow men to be able to enjoy the pleasures of life among other things, must be one of the pillars of a new model of society that must be created starting from today.

A new model based on social justice and freedom, health and time available to allow everyone to realize their expectations which must be the pillars on which a new world of coexistence and global peace should be conceived and created.

To move significantly in this direction, the first challenge must be to build a true political Europe. The "United States of Europe" must be the short-term objective in order to conceive, tomorrw, representative and democratic "United States of the World".

To redistribute wealth, to guarantee civil and social rights, freedom and social justice, health and peace, common rules and common policies are needed. Finance, taxation, trade, defence, labour, environment, health and civil protection will have to be managed at least at an European level. Each state will have to give up a little of its sovereignty in the interest of its own people, of the European people and of the entire world.

The European elections will be held in a few months, and this represents the opportunity to discuss, compare and accelerate in the desired direction. It will be an opportunity for political forces to demonstrate whether they really care about building a better world, or whether ignorance and the interests and selfishness of a few will prevail. It will also be an opportunity for all the other large social organisations, trade unions and other, to provide an acceleration which, like a leap forward in time, will allow to catch up with the time we have lost so far.

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Daniele Delbene - former National President of the PSE Constituent

Alessandro Tosi - former member of the PSE National Constituent Coordination

Federico Pezzoli - former member of the PSE National Constituent Coordination

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Antonio Leanza - former member of the PSE National Constituent Coordination

Luigi Rocca - former member of the PSE National Constituent Coordination

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Fabio Picone - former member of the PSE National Constituent Coordination

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